CNN Commentator Says Steve Bannon is an "Avowed White Nationalist" (He's Not)

Chris Menahan
Nov. 22, 2016

Rather than back off after being smashed in the election, the lying left is doubling down.

From Mediaite:
Today on CNN, Pamela Brown was moderating a conversation between a Donald Trump supporter and GOP consultant named Barry Bennett and Rich Benjamin, the author of a book called Searching for Whitopia. When Brown asked the two men how they felt about Trump considering Mitt Romney for his cabinet, both of them responded pretty positively.

Bennett said he liked the idea of Trump listening to a variety of perspectives but Benjamin’s reasoning for being cool(ish) with Romney was a little different.
“I’m not a fan of Mr. Romney, of course, but I think it would be better than having an avowed white nationalist such as Steve Bannon — ”

“Oh, please take that back,” pleaded Bennett. “Please take that back.”

Benjamin plowed forward, saying, “No, no. I will not take that back.”
A look into Benjamin's "Whitopia" book reveals he's one of many fake intellectuals who spends all his time deconstructing "whiteness" and accusing white people of racism.

Benjamin claims to have traveled to various majority white areas in America to study them. He says he went to St. George, Utah, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Forsyth County, Georgia.

It appears Benjamin admits in his book the people in these mostly white communities are not overtly "racist," but nonetheless he says they're oppressing minorities through "structural racism" because they collect a lot of taxes. He seems to ignore the fact as a group whites actually receive disproportionately less tax money than they pay into system. The same is not true for the African-Americans and Latinos he says are being oppressed.

Steve Bannon has never said, nor claimed to be a white nationalist. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, he said "I'm not a white nationalist, I'm a nationalist. I'm an economic nationalist."

Benjamin is standing by his defamatory statements on Twitter:

Here's two tweets he retweeted:

Seeing as how Rich Benjamin has shown a willingness to make up total lies about Steve Bannon, why should anyone trust the stories in "Whitopia" actually happened?

Ask his publisher Hachette Book Group on Twitter if they can confirm every story in his book as factual. I have a feeling we have another "Million Little Pieces" on our hands.

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