Ohio Man Charged For Threatening To Assassinate President Trump On Twitter

Chris Menahan
Nov. 15, 2016

Who knew threatening to assassinate the president and blow up polling booths was a crime?!

From Cleveland.com:
CLEVELAND, Ohio A Fairview Park man has been charged in federal court with tweeting an Election-Night threat against Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

A criminal complaint unsealed Monday says that Zachary Benson made the posts on Twitter early Wednesday morning, right before most major news outlets declared Trump the winner.

"Diplomacy. F---ing fools. I hate you all. I want to bomb every one of your voting booths and your general areas."

"My life goal is to assassinate Trump. Don't care if I serve infinite sentences. That man deserves to decease existing."

That moment when you decease existing.
A U.S. Secret Service agent interviewed Benson late Wednesday. He admitted to making the threats and was apologetic, the complaint says.

...Benson said he was in his room watching election returns on TV when he tweeted the threats, the complaint says. He said he never had any intentions behind the tweets "and was just frustrated thinking about how President-elect Trump's policies could affect BENSON's job," according to the complaint.
Tweeting about how you want to kill our president and carry out terrorist bombings at polling stations might affect your job too, bro.

Hopefully this guy is just the first of many more arrests to come.

There's a new sheriff in town.

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