'Deport Them Immediately!' German Immigrants Want Refugees Out, Say They're Voting For Nationalists

Chris Menahan
Oct. 16, 2016

Older immigrants in Germany say so-called "refugees" are ruining the country and they intend to vote for the far-right Nationalist Party.

From Face of a Dying Nation:
This is a series of Interviews conducted among migrants in Berlin who lived in worked in Germany for decades. What might be surprising to many liberals is that they completely disapprove of the millions of illegal immigrants streaming into the country under the guise of being a "refugee". They complain that the new wave of illegal immigrants competes with not only Germans, but also established immigrants for housing and jobs.

The woman in the first interview says it's become a "catastrophe" and that she wants all refugees deported immediately as not a single one belongs to Germany. She asks why anybody would give them welfare, apartments and benefits for free and says she's now a voter for the far-right NPD (Nationalist Party).
A family father who lived in worked in Germany for 40 years says the new immigrants that came in the last 2-3 years caused "so much sh*t" in Germany and if he were mayor of Berlin, he'd deport them even for the most minor of offences. He also says why you're not allowed to talk about this because of a "free country" and "democratic" values. "What does that even mean?" he asks.

A merchant who has been selling goods at a market for 20 years says he no longer gets any customers as Germans have fled the inner cities as they are now filled only with foreigners and refugees, who, according to him, are not the "good people" he used to do business with.

Another woman says that there needs to be a different solution for migrants since you can't just give them free apartments and let them take away jobs from Germans and regular immigrants.

Multiple others complain about the skyrocketing rental prices and lack of housing for working class citizens due to the government housing refugees there.
There is no magic soil which can turn Afghans and Eritreans into Germans.

If you took everyone in Afghanistan and dropped them in into Portland tomorrow, the place would turn into Afghanistan.

If you took the population of Portland and dropped them in Afghanistan, the place would turn into Portland.



As the saying goes: "demographics are destiny."

Whether it's the "Third Worldization" of Germany due to mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa or the "Third Worldization" of America due to mass immigration from Mexico and Central and South America.

Dead bodies are literally being dumped outside elementary schools now in New York thanks to El Salvadorian MS 13 gang members being allowed to immigrate here en masse.

Hillary Clinton tells bankers in secret speeches she wants totally "open borders," meaning every MS 13 gang member the world over and every Mexican narco-terrorist will be free to flood into our country without impediment.

Hillary Clinton's "dreamers."

Donald Trump, against the will of the usurpers in the GOP, is the only person on the scene calling for an end to this madness. It's absolutely imperative everyone register and vote for this man November 8th.

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