LOL! Deranged Fox Guest Breaks Down And Starts 'Crying' Over Trump Tapes!

Chris Menahan
Oct. 08, 2016

Democrat consultant Marjorie Clifton broke down and started "crying" while discussing 11 year old footage of Donald Trump talking about getting some poontang.

After breezing over the fact Bill Clinton had a 22-year-old intern blow him in the oval office, Clifton said she can't "even believe" we're considering putting Trump in office when he "talks about sexually assaulting women, talks about women the way he does."

"And I'm sorry," she said, supposedly crying, "it's just -- it's not OK."

Of course, Bill Clinton "dicking bimbos" and telling Gennifer Flowers "Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had" is no big deal.

Also, not one tear will be shed for the little girl whose rapist Hillary Clinton laughed about getting off the hook, nor for any of Bill Clinton's many rape victims like Juanita Broaddrick.

While Trump's comments said in private 11 years ago may have caused some hurt feelings, Hillary Clinton's policies caused the rise of ISIS, brought on the migrant crisis and helped facilitate the recent Black Lives Matter murders in Dallas.

The list of her actual dastardly deeds is endless.

The crazy woman's latest scheme is to start a nuclear war with Russia because Putin's trying to keep ISIS from overthrowing Assad.

Are we really going to risk nuclear war with Russia, who should actually be our ally, because Trump said some hurtful words over a decade ago?

John F. Kennedy was a beloved president and he was banging 19-year-old virgins in his wife's White House bed. The same people who controlled the media back then and ran cover for Kennedy still control the media today and are now trying to feign outrage over some 11 year old locker room banter.

The same media elites who covered up JFK's sexcapades are now feigning outrage over Trump's private, decade old comments.

This is a complete and total hoax.

Donald Trump is a threat to the corrupt establishment, Hillary is the embodiment of the corrupt establishment.

That's all this election is about.

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