German Media Runs Own 'Skittles' Hoax: Says AfD Leader 'Compared Migrants to Compost'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 06, 2016

Just as the lying media in the US attacked Donald Trump Jr for "comparing refugees to skittles," the lying media in Germany is saying AfD leader Frauke Petry "compared migrants to compost."

From Reuters, "German right-wing leader compares migrants to compost - report":
BERLIN, Oct 6 (Reuters) - Politicians across Germany's political spectrum condemned the the leader of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party after she was reported comparing societies including migrants to compost heaps.

Frauke Petry, whose party has made big regional gains this year and is expected to win federal parliamentary seats next year, made the comments in a speech in Stuttgart on Monday, according to the online edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Pouring scorn in the idea that migrants made societies more diverse, she said: "What should we make of the campaign 'Germany is Colourful'? A compost heap is colourful, too," according to the report.

Colorful Paris.
No one at Petry's office was available to comment on the quotes or confirm she said them.

Conservatives, Social Democrats and Greens - whose parties have all been shaken by the AfD's rise - united to condemn the comments.

"The business model of these people is to scare people," Conservative Thomas Strobl, interior minister of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, told, calling the comments "revolting".

"Frau Petry's verbal baiting has reached a new level. People are systematically demeaned and played off against each other," said Social Democrat Leni Breymaier.
Note how Reuters uses the word "report" in their headline? That's because they know it's a lie but don't want to be sued.

Hoaxes like this are why no one trusts the media anymore.

Incidentally, while we're on the topic of migrants and compost, here's what it looked like in Paris a few weeks ago after hordes of "refugees" were finally cleared off the streets:

Who could possible oppose bringing such colorful vibrancy to their nation?

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