Student Protests BLM Wearing Gorilla Mask -- Gets Charged With 'Civil Rights Intimidation'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 30, 2016

When Black Lives Matter protesters call for cops to be killed, it's "free speech" -- when a white guy puts on a gorilla mask to protest Black Lives Matter, it's felony "civil rights intimidation."

From WJHL:
JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Dozens of people were gathered Thursday on the campus of East Tennessee State University for a peaceful protest –just one day after police charged a student for trying to provoke demonstrators at a Black Lives Matter event.

Unversity[sic] officials told News Channel 11, on Wednesday Tristan Rettke was wearing a gorilla mask and began handing out bananas to students holding Black Lives Matter signs at Borchuck Plaza.
Rettke appeared in Sessions Court Thursday afternoon for an arraignment hearing on charge of civil rights intimidation...

...We talked with District Attorney General Tony Clark about what has to be proven for Rettke to get convicted of the charge against him .

“Did that in and of itself, was that an intrusion of their rights to the point they could not exercise or protest freely as guaranteed by the constitution so that’s the question of intimidation did it cross that line,” Clark said.
Rettke is literally facing up to 11 years in prison for his act of trolling.

He didn't assault anyone, nor did he threaten anyone with violence. He wore a gorilla mask and waved a banana around like a monkey.

At a Black Lives Matter protest in El Cajon Wednesday, a Trump supporter was hunted down by an enraged mob and kicked and beaten because he wore a Trump hat, yet no one was charged with "civil rights intimidation."

Colin Flaherty talked about the wild hypocrisy of the case on his YouTube channel:

Rettke's actions were clearly free speech. It's also clear the government is charging him with "civil rights intimidation" to intimidate him and others from exercising their civil rights.

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