"There's No Turning Back!" Swedish TV Ad Says Swedes Must Accept Multiculturalism

Chris Menahan
Sep. 18, 2016

Swedes need to give up their identity and they must integrate with migrants because "being Swedish needs to be about more than skin color and place of birth."

In this new TV advert from Swedish charity organization "IM," Swedes are called on to create "Det Nya Landet," or "The New Country," which appears to just be Africa with some Muslims and one Asian dude.

The ad says the onus is not just on "new Swedes who need to integrate," but "everyone needs to be integrated, established Swedes too," meaning old people.

The big finale is to present a Somali Muslim woman in full hijab as the embodiment of "The New Country," or the new Sweden.

So much for Swedish blondes.

Here's the English text from their website:
There is no turning back. Sweden will never be what it was before. It is an understanding of what the world actually looks like - that Sweden is needed as a safe place for people who need refuge. Some yearn back to how it used to be. It's okay to miss the past and it's okay to talk about it - but we have to seek ways forward, and find a way for everyone to live together. Because now we have a Europe and a Sweden that is what it is: in a state of change.

It’s time to realise that new Swedes will take up room with cultures, languages and customs, and it’s time we see this as a positive force. The new country is about shaping a new future. Being Swedish needs to be about more than skin color and place of birth. It needs to be you, me and everyone together.

It’s not just new Swedes who need to integrate. Everyone needs to be integrated, established Swedes too. Integration does not mean that one party should adapt to the other, or that everyone should think, do and feel the same. Integration is about meetings, and real meetings are built on reciprocity.

Let us create a future based on both realism and vision, in equal measure. Let’s formulate a greater sense of "we" and let’s build a country where we put hatred and fears aside. We all have the new country within us; in our views, thoughts and actions. The time has come to build a country that is proud, inclusive and sustainable - something new.

The new country.
While comments and thumbs up/thumbs down ratings were disabled on the original video, the translated repost has been overwhelmingly down voted.

Here's some of the top comments:

Swedes also reacted with outrage on Twitter.

The top comment from user @Reaktionaren reads (translated with Bing):

"@ Detnyalandet Never! Never! Never ever will I accept # detnyalandet , your post-Marxist Zionist imagination. Never!"

User InFuturum wrote:

"@ Detnyalandet who have decided that I will integrate with migrants? I have no self-determination in the matter?"

Kalsuparna wrote:

"@ Detnyalandet You propagates thus for genocide against the Swedes. You are a euthanasia organization. Sickening. # Svpol"

TobbesMedieBlog wrote:

"@ Detnyalandet "mutual integration" and of course, illustrated by a veil. Well thank you, we know that tolerance is one-way."

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