LA Times Poll: Trump +6 vs Dyin' Hillary, 19.2% Black Support for Trump

Chris Menahan
Sep. 15, 2016

It's over leftists, give up now and resign yourselves to 8 years of Trump (or more).

Donald Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton in the Los Angeles Times daily tracking poll 47.2% to 41.3%.

Blacks are fleeing to Trump, 19.2% now support him for President.

They might not know the intricacies of his policies, but they sure know a dyin' hag when they see one.

Millennials who've seen actual video on Twitter and YouTube of Hillary's collapse on 9/11, as opposed to merely hearing talking heads on TV talk about it, are also jumping on the Trump train:

Most comically, Hillary is actually gaining support from women voters (#EndWomensSuffrage):

Liberals, please don't waste your time, start self-deporting immediately.

Hillary supporters right now.

Once Trump's wall goes up, according to Ron Paul, it's going to be used to keep you in.

It's better to be too early than too late!

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