Mexican Calls for Trump & His Supporters to be Killed, Media Ignores

Chris Menahan
Sep. 11, 2016

Donald Trump "is a modern day Hitler," therefor he and his supporters must be killed "before getting into power," so says a Mexican on YouTube.

From Infowars:
Shock video shows an anti-Trump Mexican urging other Mexicans to "Kill Donald Trump and as many of his supporters as possible."

The video was uploaded to YouTube but was subsequently made private. The version [below] was captured by a pro-Trump Facebook page.

In the clip, the young man openly calls for the assassination of the Republican presidential candidate.
"We, Mexicans, have to kill Donald J. Trump before he becomes President. He is a threat to every single one of us. There are many Mexican Americans living in the U.S. right now and I'm asking them to kill Donald Trump before he becomes President. The ones in Mexico who have the means, I'm asking you to cross the border and go and kill Donald Trump, and as many of his supporters as possible," he states.

"Anywhere he goes just try to bomb the place, shoot up the place, do something. If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, and kill the Nazis, would you do it? We have a modern day Hitler, and we have to kill him before he gets into power," he adds.

"So I want you to spread this message, and I'm encouraging every single Mexican out there who has the guts to stand up for the Mexican people and to kill Trump and his Nazi followers. Let's do this. Viva Mexico! F**k those motherf***ers," he concludes.
A look at Google news shows the media has completely ignored this story, despite it going viral two days ago.

In the past, such an open call for international terrorism would have sparked an international incident. Yet now under the Obama/Clinton regime you can be sure his administration will look the other way and put zero pressure on Mexico to catch this terrorist.

I'm sure Hillary and Obama would prefer us to all be killed, seeing as how we're an "irredeemable" "basket of deplorables."

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