'Tolerant' Leftists Celebrate Phyllis Schlafly's Death on Twitter

Chris Menahan
Sep. 06, 2016

Tolerance is the highest virtue, unless someone's a Republican, in which case they deserve to die.

Phyllis Schlafly was a great woman, she opposed feminism and understood America is being destroyed by mass third world immigration. That's why she endorsed Trump and wrote "The Conservative Case for Trump" to convince shortsighted conservatives he's their guy. Incidentally, the book was released on the day after her death.

Because she loved America and Americans, the left hated her guts.

While they'll tell us we have to be tolerant of men who think they're women sharing bathrooms with little girls, a conservative woman who loves her country and her people is only deserving of death.

The Daily Caller's Blake Neff rounded up a series of Tweets from leftist media hacks cheering on her death:
Author and journalist Mark Harris summed up Schlafly’s life by saying she made the world worse off, and then jetted off to the movies.

Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican took a similar tack, saying Schlafly had “squandered” her entire life.

Upworthy’s Parker Malloy had a similar perspective on the matter.

Jeb Lund of Rolling Stone was one of the most celebratory, bluntly saying Schlafly was the spawn of Satan and had gone to Hell to spend eternity with her master.

Popehat blogger Ugarles even expressed the hope that Schlafly had been murdered.

Dan Canon, an attorney who helped litigate the Obergefell v. Hodges case which legalized gay marriage nationwide, lamented that Schlafly hadn’t died earlier.

The New Republic, meanwhile, memorialized Schlafly by linking to a 2008 article where they labeled her “an immeasurable force for bad.”

Author and comedian Julie Klausner contrasted the presumably fortunate death of Schlafly with the unfortunate departure of Gene Wilder last week.

Little Green Footballs editor-in-chief Charles Johnson claimed that he wouldn’t celebrate Schalfly’s death, but also called her a “nexus of evil” and was upset the media would likely produce obituaries without overtly vilifying her.

While others were celebrating, at least one person, television producer Bob Schooley, realized an article just like this one was probably incoming.
While these hacks will all be forgotten, Phyllis Schlafly will live on through her works, her wonderful children, and hopefully a Trump presidency.

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