Taiwan: Rare Pokemon Triggers Stampede in Taipei

Chris Menahan
Aug. 23, 2016

This seems perfectly reasonable.

From LiveLeak:
A huge crowd of Pokemon Go players were filmed in a wild chase through the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, for a rare Pokemon on Saturday. Local media reported that the Pokemon trainers were rushing to catch a Snorlax that had spawned near Beitou Park.The Apple Daily newspaper reported that thousands of Pokemon players had flocked to the area since the game’s launch in Taiwan on August 6, sparking complaints from police and local residents about overcrowding and blocked roads. Credit: Wang Ting Yi (王亭懿)

Here's the Pokemon in question:

Reminds me of Al Gore.

Earlier this month, activists said Pokemon Go was racist because it wasn't spawning Pokemon in majority black communities.

As USA Today reported:
Urban Institute researchers found an average of 55 PokéStops in majority white neighborhoods and 19 in majority black neighborhoods. The Belleville News-Democrat found that pattern repeated itself in African-American sections of Detroit, Miami and Chicago.

Similarly, New York boroughs Brooklyn and Queens, both of which have high numbers of Hispanic and black residents, had significantly fewer PokéStops than in Manhattan and white and Asian neighborhoods.
I'm sure such a stampede would go over well in the new Detroit.

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