Two Brothers Save Norwegian Woman from Serial Rapist Migrant

Chris Menahan
Aug. 05, 2016

Two brothers saved a Norwegian woman from being raped by an alleged serial rapist migrant of "African origin."

From, via v/European (translated with Google):
One person has been arrested by police in connection with the case, said the acting chairman of violence and moral section, Jannike Bremen Johannessen told NRK.

- In the night the clock 2:20, a woman attempted assault raped Fosswinckels street, said the police officer. Johannessen describes the following events:

The 24-year-old woman is on the way from the town square. She discovers along the way that a man follows her. She tries to go faster, but the man follows. The man grabs her and says serious sexual offense to her and holds her. She manages to wriggle away eventually, and runs against a pair of brothers farther away in the street. They understand the situation instantly, and one goes towards the offender and try to talk to him. Then begins the perpetrator to run, and one of the brothers chase.

Man arrested

- The perpetrator disappears into a closed door. One brother is doing a great job of registering the perpetrator gets off. That means we fail to apprehend a man, says Johannessen.

- What can you say about the person who has been arrested?

- He is 25 years old, African origin. Police will covet him in custody.


Police roses brothers

- How do the police for this job, the two brothers did?

- It was absolutely crucial. The victim is not able to say much. But the brothers realize the situation immediately, and follows the man and not give up. It means that the police have an address to go to, says Johannessen.
After the arrest, the alleged rapist was charged in connection with another rape from last week.

From, "Man (25) charged with both rape and attempted rape" (translated with Google):
A man who was arrested by police in Bergen after what should have been an attempted rape Thursday night, is now additionally charged with rape.

Early Friday morning, a 24 year-old woman have been attempted raped in central Bergen. The man was arrested shortly after the incident, writes Bergens Tidende.

Friday afternoon extended the police charges against them. The man should be prepared for detention on Saturday morning.

- The man charged with attempted rape. In addition, he is charged with a consummated rape, said police prosecutor Inger-Lise H°yland to BergensAvisen .

She did not want to say anything more about where and when the alleged rape allegedly took place, but that the police have investigated the incident associated with a rape that allegedly took place at NHH a week ago. It is not yet, says H°yland.

Earlier, police told Bergens Tidende that they also are investigating whether the case is related to other events in the downtown area in recent weeks. They do not go into detail about what.
Cheers to these two heroes! We salute you, brothers!

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