Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Road to Airport in UK

Chris Menahan
Aug. 05, 2016

Black Lives Matter protesters in the UK blocked a road heading to Heathrow Airport to prevent travelers from making their flights.

Seeing as how police brutality is non-existent in the UK, they decided to protest the fifth anniversary of the 2011 shooting of gangster criminal Mark Duggan.

From The Daily Express:
TRAFFIC heading to Heathrow Airport has been dramatically stopped by Black Lives Matter protesters who are lying in the road at the entrance to the hub and blocking the M4.

As thousands of holidaymakers made their way to the airport on Friday morning, they were met with long tailbacks after the protesters spread banners across arterial routes.

Police have drafted in cutting equipment to saw through the chains which the protesters have used to lock themselves to each other and concrete blocks covered with what appears to be tubing.

[...]The Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) group said on its Facebook page. "We call a nationwide #‎Shutdown on 05/08/16. #Shutdown racism. #Shutdown violence. #Shutdown borders. #‎BlackLivesMatter

BLMUK said it wanted to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police attempting to arrest him in Tottenham, north London, in August 2011, sparking nationwide riots.

The group called for a "nationwide shutdown" in a post on social media, and its Friday morning protests resulted in a number of arrests.

After a British radio host criticized the Heathrow protests and said he doesn't think a "day of rage" is necessary, a social justice lunatic, Black Lives Matter supporter called into his show to attack him for having "white privilege" and claim he doesn't have "the right to tell people of color how they should and should not feel."
His comments sparked a furious response from the caller, who said a “day of rage” was needed to highlight the Black Lives Matter campaign.

She said: “I think you’ve got cheek. You’re so condescending and so patronising and so out of order.

“How dare you! How dare you tell people of colour whether or not we’ve got the right to be enraged. How dare you?

“You said you didn’t see why we should have a day of rage and I absolutely think we should have a day of rage.

“I’m so angry about the way people like yourself - who walk around with the banner of white privilege - believe you have the right to tell people of colour how they should and should not feel and how we should or should not protest.
Watch the video here.

This is literally the same exact nonsensical rhetoric being spewed by Marxist professors in the US merely to stir up hatred against whites. As we've seen recently all over the US, in Dallas, Tennessee, and elsewhere, it culminates with black people murdering white people at random.

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