Massachusetts AG Bans "Copycat Assault-Style Weapons" by Decree

Chris Menahan
Jul. 21, 2016

The Massachusetts Attorney General just banned all "copycat assault-style weapons" by decree.

Via Reuters:
Massachusetts will ban the sale of "copycat" assault-style weapons similar to those increasingly used in mass shootings, state Attorney General Maura Healey said on Wednesday.

The move takes effect immediately and is part of stepped-up enforcement of Massachusetts' ban on military-style assault weapons, she said in a statement.

"The gun industry has openly defied our laws here in Massachusetts for nearly two decades. That ends today," said Healey, a Democrat.
Actually, they fully complied with the law, that's why they were allowed to sell said guns for the last two decades.

All that's changed is Healey now says the law should mean whatever she wants it to mean.
She said assault rifles had become the weapon of choice in mass shootings. They have been used in massacres in Orlando, Florida; San Bernardino, California; Newtown, Connecticut; and Aurora, Colorado.

Her enforcement notice clarifies what constitutes a “copy” or “duplicate” weapon under the assault weapons ban. Copies or duplicates of banned assault rifles, including copies of the Colt AR-15 and the Kalashnikov AK-47, are prohibited in the state.
As all guns are in some aspect "copies" of one another, this could amount to a total gun ban.

Because some Muslims the government's open immigration policies let into the country just went on some shooting sprees, they're going to take away Americans' right to legally defend themselves against said killers.

Solid logic.

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