Baton Rouge Shooter: 'Black Male Wearing Body Armor'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 17, 2016

After hiding the race of the Baton rouge shooter for hours, police finally revealed to CBS News the shooter was a "black male wearing body armor."

From CBS News:
BATON ROUGE, La. -- A deadly shooting in already-tense Baton Rouge killed three police officers and wounded three more early Sunday morning, as tensions over policing remain high in cities across the nation.

The three wounded officers are in "very critical" condition, police tell CBS News.

A suspect described by police as a black male has been killed, and two other suspects may be at large, according to officials. Police involved in the shooting included officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department and deputies from the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office.

Police responded to a report of officers shot at a location on Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway around 9 a.m., reports CBS affiliate WAFB.
In their attempt to rile up black people to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton, our anti-white media has succeeded in getting multiple black men to go on shooting sprees targeting whites.

The trigger for these massacres was police shooting armed gangbanger, child rapist, deadbeat father Alton Sterling as well as crips gangbanger and armed robbery suspect Philando Castile.

In "exchange" for these shootings, African-American males have shot more than a dozen cops, as well as four random white people going about their business in Tennessee.

Outraged over "police violence against African-Americans," Lakeem Keon Scott decided to shoot white people at random in Tennessee. Odds are you never heard about his story as the media entirely ignored it despite it happening the same day as the Dallas shooting.

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