Black Lives Matter Get A Meeting With The President Just Days After Cops Shot In Dallas

Chris Menahan
Jul. 13, 2016

Just days after a Black Lives Matter supporter went on a shooting spree targeting "white police," BLM leader DeRay Mckesson was invited to the White House to personally speak with President Obama.

What type of message is this sending?

Via Infowars:
Black Lives Matter leaders spent three hours with President Obama Wednesday to demand action in regard to recent officer involved shootings.

DeRay Mckesson, one of the group's most prominent figures, joined several other Black Lives Matter leaders at the White House to "bring up concrete actions" the president can take in order to appease its members.
Note, just yesterday it came out "DeRay" is living in a home paid for by a board member of George Soros' Open Society Institute, which is the top globalist institution in the world.

The White House blog, which lists out the president's schedule, makes mention of a meeting with activists and law enforcement but does not specifically mention "Black Lives Matter."

"In the afternoon, the President will convene individuals from around the country -- including activists, civil rights, faith, law enforcement and elected leaders -- to have a conversation about ways we can keep people safe, build community trust, and ensure justice for all Americans," it reads.
Did Obama invite any white supremacist leaders to the White House to talk after Dylan Roof went on a shooting spree in a black church?

We already know these black supremacist activists are so desperate for internet fame mothers will leave their kids at home and travel to other states just to get arrested. We also know these people will shut down bridges and roads without care for sick kids experiencing medical emergencies who need to get to the hospital.

Black Lives Matter supporters have been out shooting white people almost every day since the Dallas shooting, yet the Obama administration's number one concern is how they can best coddle them.

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