WATCH: "Peaceful Protesters" Assault News Reporter Covering BLM Rally

Chris Menahan
Jul. 12, 2016

Video shows a Fox News reporter get assaulted and accused of being a "puppet" of "white supremacy" for attempting to interview a Black Lives Matter supporter protesting in the middle of the I-94 highway in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The "protesters" are seen laying their hands on the reporter and grabbing his microphone while aggressively screaming in his face to "get the f**k out here."

One "protester" is heard called for his "ass" to get "dropped" if he doesn't leave.

The reporter eventually chose to walk away after a female protester started screaming at him through a megaphone saying he's a "disgrace to journalism" and "white supremacist puppet."

The important thing when watching this video -- and all the other videos of these violent mobs called "protesters" -- is to keep in mind, as Obama said, these folks don't "speak" for the rest of the Black Lives Matter movement (even though the rest of the protesters are cheering them on).

While threats of violence are hurled and actual violence seems to break out at some huge percentage of the protests they hold, it's just a coincidence or something.

A peaceful call for protest.

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