Bernie Sanders Stabs His Supporters In The Back

Chris Menahan
Jul. 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders is not like evil Hillary Clinton, he's a renegade! He's an outsider! He's challenging the establishment!

Actually, he's a dirty, filthy shill.

He just proved it by endorsing The Great Satan, triggering bernouts nationwide.


Why did anyone trust this clown to begin with?

Once he defended Hillary on her email scandal, it was clear he didn't actually want to win.

His idiot supporters cheered the move because the Hillary-backing mass media told them it was some "brilliant" act of political genius.

It was actually completely retarded as anyone with a basic understanding of how politics works could tell you, it was the equivalent of a poker player showing the entire table his hand before bets are placed.

Sanders himself said before his astonishingly dumb email comments, "let me say something that may not be great politics," he then let her off the hook entirely for the biggest scandal going at the time.

Listen to Hillary cackle in response, she thought it was hilarious -- it was, only the Bernie supporters laughing along didn't realize the joke was on them.

We know now most Americans think she should have been indicted and despite her getting let off by the FBI, it's unquestionably damaged her in the polls.

Bernie didn't attack the most corrupt candidate in the history of the United States on anything until it was all but guaranteed he'd already lost the election (thanks to minorities block voting for Hillary), yet he still somehow managed to burn through all his supporters' cash.

The biggest attack he could muster, after already losing, was to make a few comments about her "taking too much money from Wall Street," big whoop.

Despite the comical picture above, Bernie Sanders supporters should be demanding their money back.

If they want to support an actual renegade, they should be supporting Trump. Unlike Bernie, whom the media cheered for making the dumbest political move of all time, the media uniformly portrays Trump as the devil incarnate because he's actually challenging the status quo.

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