Stefan Molyneux Interviews Richard Lynn on Race, Genetics & Intelligence

Stefan Molyneux
Jul. 03, 2016

Discussions about ethnic and gender differences in intelligence are seen as impolite by many, but in an age where the failure of others is held up as an example of sexism or racism, it is an essential topic to discuss.

Dr. Richard Lynn joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss ethnic differences in average intelligence, the impact that better nutrition has on intelligence, the connection between income and intelligence, environmental effects on intelligence, different types of intelligence, general intelligence factor, the origin of intelligence differences, differences in advantageous evolutionary mutations based on population size, how religious practices shaped intelligence over time, the rates of psychopathic personality among different groups, and the controversial nature of such research.

Dr. Richard Lynn is Professor Emeritus for University of Ulster and is the author of several books on the subject of intelligence, including IQ and the Wealth of Nations, The Global Bell Curve, Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis and more! For more on Dr. Lynn, go to:

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