WATCH: Left-Wing Terrorists Attack Far-Right Protesters & News Crew in Sacramento

Chris Menahan
Jun. 27, 2016

Video out of California shows a left-wing terrorist group violently attack right-wing protesters and members of a local news crew.

From RT:
At least ten people have been stabbed after clashes broke out during a rally outside State Capitol in Sacramento, California. The violence broke out between far-right activists from the Traditionalist Worker Party and counter-protesters.

[Update: The police say the leftists started the violence]

The Traditionalist Worker Party members, often described as a neo-Nazi group who have links to white supremacy and far-right causes, showed up for a planned rally at the Sacramento Capitol, where they were met by activists from Antifa Sacramento counter-protest, local media report.
The rally was organized by the TWP to “protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression” and was reportedly also attended by members of the Golden State Skinheads, Blood & Honor, National Socialist Movement and Ku Klux Klan.
Sacramento Fire Department (SFD) said a total of seven patients were transported to nearby hospitals from the site of the incident, some of them in critical condition from stab wounds. They however didn’t specify which group the injured were from.
No arrests were made according to a local ABC 10 network reporter, who captured some of the shocking violence that erupted between the groups, and said police used tear gas to disperse the rival protesters.
Estevan Hernandez of the ANSWER coalition, who participated in the counter-protest, says he witnessed the moment most violent clashes broke out and claims they were “attacked by fascists.”

[UPDATE: The police say the leftists started the violence, this should give you an idea of Mr. Hernandez's credibility.]

“Police were trying very, very hard to get the fascist right-wingers to have their demonstration. So there was a police line preventing our forces, anti-racist, from pushing back on the fascists. So, every now and then, at the corner of the capitol building different fascist would just pop-out… trying to get on the capitol grounds,” Hernandez told RT. “And when they came up to the protest line of the protesters, our movement, they started violently attacking our supporters. One of the people who came with us today was knocked on the ground, they kicked him repeatedly, and some people were stabbed, in fact.”

RT also spoke to a representative of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, which has been accused of having initiated violence in Sacramento, to hear their side of the story. Party Chairman Matthew Heimbach rejected the accusations as “ridiculous” and claimed that his group “was outnumbered by eight to one” with the counter-protestors who “had baseball bats, knives, bottles.”

[Watch: RT Interview with Matthew Heimbach]

“We were the ones who were attacked by people who had weapons and saying that they were going to kill us. This is attempted and premeditated murder…” he said adding that the counter-protestors were shouting “kill the Nazis.”

Heimbach said that the members of his party acted entirely out of self-defense: “Even when we were outnumbered …we stood our ground and we won.”

“If you actually just look at the video even the leftists put up, in many cases we disarm them. Man for man, one of ours is easily worth 10 of theirs,” he told RT. “Even though we were severely outnumbered our men with a drive of nationalism, physical training and courage and organization were able to stand together and…to defeat our foes.”

Traditionalist Worker Party (TradWorker) is a relatively new political wing of Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Youth Network (TradYouth), which stands for “faith, family and folk.”

TradWorker says the group aims to lead Americans toward a future “free from economic exploitation, federal tyranny, and anti-Christian degeneracy.”

“We will help you, your family, and your town while the other parties are fighting a thousand miles from home over how to help (or bomb) people ten thousand miles from home,” it says.
Here's footage of a local TV news crew being attacked:

Here's a local news report on the incident, note they give the leftist terrorist organizer a platform to advocate for the use of terrorism to stop political speech.

Kurt Nimmo noted on Infowars the anti-fascist protesters are considered a terrorist group by the FBI:
The FBI has categorized BAMN as a terrorist group. It is known for advocating and practicing radical action and violence against its political opponents.

“BAMN seems to have planned recent demonstrations in a way that is calculated to cause violence,” Dianne Emmett writes for Berkeleyside. “They begin with an issue that draws a large number of supporters, in this case [a protest in Berkeley], equal justice for people of all races. Then they provoke violence in order to escalate the situation, hoping to radicalize these supporters and to draw more attention to their cause.”

This tactic failed in Sacramento on Sunday. After Trad members were attacked by baton-wielding BAMN activists, they apparently responded by stabbing their attackers (a Trad member was stabbed, indicating BAMN activists were also armed).

Yvette Felarca, an organizer from By Any Means Necessary, told local media violence against the Trad demonstrators was justified. “Riots are the voice of the unheard,” she told The New York Times in 2014.
While the media is saying this event was similar to a KKK rally held earlier this year in Anaheim, California where "clashes broke out" and people were stabbed, they leave out the fact police came out just days after the event and said the counter-protesters started the violence.

UPDATE: SHOCKER: Police Say Leftists Started Violence at Rally in Sacramento

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