IT'S HAPPENING! Britain Votes to LEAVE the EU!

Chris Menahan
Jun. 23, 2016

It's officially happening!

Brexit has won 52% to 48%!

All the odds have been defied! All the propaganda failed!

This is truly a momentous day! Britain is going to leave the EU!

It feels like it's been ages in Europe since a Western population has defied the will of their overlords and voted against their commands!

Well, now it's happened in Britain -- and it's happening in the US with Trump!

Obama after getting the results

Italy, France, Denmark and the Netherlands are coming next, then the entire EU globalist superstate will fall!


The driving issue among voters was immigration!

Brits are sick and tired of open borders and becoming minorities in their own country!

The fall of London must have been a huge wake-up call!

Let's enjoy this sweet, sweet victory.

More are coming soon.

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