Libertarian Party Nominees: Hillary a "Wonderful Public Servant," Obama a "Good Guy"

Chris Menahan
Jun. 23, 2016

I think we can safely declare the libertarian party dead.

Dale Steinreich on LRC Blog highlighted this exchange from last night's CNN town hall:
MODERATOR: President Barack Obama?

JOHNSON: Good guy.

WELD: Barack Obama? I think hes been statesman-like the last couple of years. He had a disappointing first term and I think hes picked up his game the last couple of years. Its gone better for him.

MODERATOR: Hillary Clinton?

JOHNSON: Hillary Clinton, a wonderful public servant. I guess I would say that.

WELD: Old friend. Nice kid. Knew her in her twenties. We shared an office in the Nixon impeachment. Real bond, lifelong. Seriously, not kidding.
On the other hand, here's how they treated Trump:
MODERATOR: Donald Trump?

JOHNSON: I'm sure there's something good to say about Donald somewhere, I'm sure. In the debates - I play a game in the debates, so during the Republican debate when it was asked the question, will you support the nominee, I would have said, "Look, I'll leave it open, but I would not support Donald Trump based on what he has said to this point." And that was all the things that he had said to that point. I'll leave it open. But everybody else said they would support the nominee. I would have said no to Donald Trump unless things change.

MODERATOR: Donald Trump, one word?

WELD: Huckster.

Wow, so edgy!

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