Nigel Farage's Last Speech Before Referendum: "It's The People vs. The Establishment"

Chris Menahan
Jun. 22, 2016

Today is the big day.

Via the Daily Express:
In his final rallying call for voters to back Brexit, the Ukip leader branded the EU referendum in less than 24 hours time a contest between “the people versus the Establishment”.

...“This is a turnout referendum, this is about who actually feels strongly enough to go out and vote.

...“I’ve been travelling round the country and I have met a lot of people who are agree with what we are trying to do but either haven’t voted for 10 years, or 20 years, or ever voted in their lives.

“They are key to Leave winning.”

...“This referendum is actually quite simple, this referendum is the people versus the Establishment.

...“It’s the vested interests, it’s the rich, it’s the big business, it’s those that are doing very nicely thank you against pretty much everybody else.
“We can do better than this, tomorrow we can vote for real change.”

In an impassioned speech, Mr Farage called on Brexit supporters to “go out and do it”.

He said: “Vote with you heart, vote with your soul, vote with pride in this country and it’s people and together we can make tomorrow our independence day.

“A big day in our national history, a day that is good for us and a day that is good for the rest of Europe too because other nations will follow us.”

With polling stations due to open at 7am tomorrow morning, the vote on Britain’s EU membership is at neck-and-neck according to recent opinion surveys.
While polls are showing it's neck and neck with the trend going against Britain leaving the EU, one poll released yesterday showed leave up by 7 points:
The bombshell survey, by respected pollsters TNS, shows Brexit has surged ahead by 49 per cent to 42 per cent once people's likelihood to vote is taken into account.

It will send shockwaves through Downing Street tonight, which has shown increasing signs of nerves over how the referendum will pan out amid fierce criticism of David Cameron's Project Fear campaign.

Analysts at the firm surveyed 2,320 adults across the UK online between June 16-22. Their baseline results reveal a two per cent lead for the Leave campaign, with support for Brexit at 43 per cent compared to 41 per cent for Remain.

However, experts say that once the result is adjusted to take into account respondents' stated likelihood to vote the Brexit camp's lead grows to a cavernous seven points.
Lets hope for the best, everyone in the UK should get out there and vote to GTFO of the EU.

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