Megyn Kelly Suggests Michelle Fields Was "Clearly" Right on Lewandowski Battery in New Interview

Chris Menahan
Jun. 21, 2016

Who knew Michelle Fields was entirely right when she claimed she was battered by Corey Lewandowski?

Apparently, Fields didn't tell police "she fell back but caught herself from falling," nor did she write on Breitbart she "almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance" -- she just said he "grabbed" her arm.

According to Fox News' Megyn Kelly last night on "The Kelly File," she summed up the controversy by saying Fields said "Lewandowski grabbed her arm, which the video clearly shows him doing."

Kelly went on to say the Trump campaign "baited" Fields into filing charges against Lewandowski and said the prosecution merely "decided not to pursue it."

In reality, they didn't pursue charges because all the evidence went against her, the prosecutor even expressed bafflement questioning why she took a photo of her supposedly bruised arm on the night of the assault which showed "there was really nothing there."

As The Daily Mail reported:
Fields, 28, initially accused Lewandowski of yanking her physically away from Trump with enough force to nearly topple her to the ground.

According to the police report in the case, Fields told officers she was pulled so hard that 'she fell back but caught herself from falling.'

She tweeted a photo of finger-shaped bruises on her arm to buttress her claim that Lewandowski grabbed her with significant force.

But Ellis said that photo was taken days later, and that a picture shot with Fields' iPhone on the night of the incident indicated no bruises at all.

'The initial photos that we received were a couple days old,' Ellis said, calling it a case of 'delayed reporting.'

'She had taken a photograph on her iPhone that same evening, and there was really nothing there.'

'It wasn't anything that was anything remotely close' to what the later picture showed,' Ellis said, confirming that 'her phone did not show any bruising.'

She also allowed that in some cases bruises can appear days later. But it's unclear why Fields may have taken a picture of her unbruised arm on March 8.
Fields has zero credibility on anything, that Kelly would bring her on and act as though she was proven right is absolutely comical.

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