WATCH: Student Armed Only with Pepper Spray Takes Down School Shooter

by Blake Neff
Daily Caller News Foundation
Jun. 16, 2016

Newly-released footage shows the incredible heroism of a Seattle Pacific University (SPU) student, who took down a school shooter in 2014 while armed only with pepper spray.

One student was killed and two others were hurt in the SPU shooting, but it could have been far worse if not for the actions of Jon Meis. Meis waited in a side room until he heard shooter Aaron Ybarra reloading the shotgun he was using. Upon hearing his opening, Meis raced out and tackled Ybarra after briefly hitting him in the face with pepper spray. Meis successfully grabbed Ybarra’s gun and placed it far away, then returned to hold down Ybarra, who was also carrying a knife on him.

Footage of the SPU shooting was only released Tuesday following a lengthy court battle. Both SPU and families of the shooting victims opposed releasing the footage, arguing it violated privacy rights and would inspire copycats.

Ybarra, the shooter, is still awaiting trial on charges of murder, attempted murder, and assault. Meis graduated shortly after the shooting and has been working as an engineer at Boeing ever since.

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