VIDEO: Telemundo Busted Staging Shot at Anti-Trump Protest

Chris Menahan
May. 28, 2016

A Telemundo cameraman was busted staging a shot and directing protesters during yesterday's Anti-Trump protests in San Diego.

After the cameraman was confronted by RebelPundit's Andrew Marcus and asked if he was "staging a shot," he responded by admitting he "probably" was and told him "f**k you."

The video starts with the Telemundo cameraman speaking with two Hispanic protesters, then directing the pair to crouch in the street while holding up their Mexican flag and "f**k Trump" sign.

When the duo holds the flag upside down, the cameraman walks over to them and helps flip it right side up, then goes back to filming them in their staged position.

"Is that the media staging a shot," Marcus can be heard saying. "Is that the media staging a shot? Is Telemundo staging a shot?"

"Uh, probably," the cameraman responds.

"Yeah but you're staging a shot at a protest. That's not news collection. You're staging news," Marcus says.

"What do you want me to do, man?" he responds.

Marcus: "You're staging the news."

Cameraman: "I'm not part of the protest bro, I'm media."

Marcus: "Why are you directing them?"

Cameraman: "F**k you, man! I needa work."

The National Press Photographers Association code of ethics specifically states: "While photographing subjects do not intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek to alter or influence events."

The cameramen went on to high five the protesters who helped his fraud.

One of them was seen walking past Marcus and hitting his camera, then spitting on him.

After Marcus told him, "That's assault," he responded, "yeah, that's assault, fuck you," then gave him the finger.

An angry female Hispanic protester then said, "why don't you leave him alone, he's obviously a minor," as though that excuses his criminal behavior.

Two days ago, I shared a video showing another Hispanic anti-Trump protester spit on a Trump supporter in Anaheim, California.

Small knot of anti-Trump demonstrators jawing with slightly larger group of pro-Trump demonstrators.

A video posted by Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) on

Last month, a male transsexual was filmed spitting on a Trump protester at Portland Community College.

Also last month, an anti-Trump protester was filmed spitting on a Trump supporter in Albany, New York.

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