Chris Menahan
May. 03, 2016

It's happening!

Lyin' Ted has admitted defeat!

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus has admitted defeat!

Megyn Kelly is on suicide watch and listening to her tonight she can barely speak!

Glenn Beck has only gotten fatter since his fast!

I just watched O'Reilly say on TV he "called it first" three weeks ago!

I said back in February an assassination attempt would assure his victory and the dumb ass Thomas Dimassimo gave us the simulation of such an attempt and Trump wasn't even put in any danger!

Trump's already beating Hillary nationally according to a Rasmussen poll and he hasn't even started on her yet!

The cuckservatives are falling in line!

Trump's epic victory speech!:

Trump's victory tweets!:

Ballad of Lyin' Ted Tribute from Right Side Broadcasting!

Victory Memes!

Onward to the general, Hillary doesn't have a chance in hell!

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