WATCH: Mexican Kids At Anti-Trump Protest Scream "F*ck You" & Flick Off Trump Supporters

Chris Menahan
May. 02, 2016

In this video out of California, young Mexican kids taking part in an anti-Trump protest are seen screaming "f*ck you" and flicking off Trump supporters driving by in their cars.

The Mexican children are holding signs with "Make American Great Again" crossed out and featuring scribblings of "F*ck You Puto," "F*ck Trump," and "Brown Pride."

One of the children is wearing a giant sombrero while another young protester is flying a Mexican flag.

"F*ck you," one boy screams while flashing his middle finger, "f*ck your big ass wall!"

"Fuck you pinche punto," he screams, meaning "f*ck you whore," or "fuck you bitch."

The boy also screams "vete a la verga," meaning "go f**k yourself."

The child has a Bernie Sanders for president sign in his hand and a Bernie sticker on his t-shirt.

Other protesters have signs saying "no hate," evidently this is a loving protest spreading a message of peace, not a warning these children are being taught to hate Americans as part of an ongoing Reconquista.

"Hispanic share of the population by county, from 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2011." [Via CityLab]

"Counties where the Hispanic population is now the largest in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2011."

Former US/Mexico border.

Protest in California last week...

I'm sure if there was a bunch of white kids holding signs saying "white pride" and screaming "f*ck you" at minority groups no one would take it as a warning sign!

This is clearly just "cultural enrichment," there's nothing to worry about, they're integrating just fine!

George Soros and Rupert Murdoch are only funding this invasion to help us "decide" our elections, who could be opposed to that?

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