Is Diversity a Strength for America? Jared Taylor Debates Wilfred Reilly At Kentucky State University

Chris Menahan
Apr. 30, 2016

Is diversity a strength for America?

According to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, the answer is no.

During his opening statement, Taylor asked the crowd at Kentucky State University to imagine "how the history of the United States would have been different" without racial diversity.

"There would never have been slavery," he said. "There would never have been the American civil war–which killed more Americans than all our other wars combined. There would have been no Jim Crow, no segregated schools, no civil rights movement, no busing, no race riots."

"If you remove black/white racial diversity, you remove slavery, our most deadly war, and our most murderous civil disturbances. The very worst parts of our history vanish. How can something that brought about all that horror be a strength?"

Kentucky State Professor Wilfred Reilly countered saying: "Diversity makes life more interesting and civilized and fun. In terms of Spanish clubs and Indian food and white quarterbacks and African American tennis players and so on."

"So it may be true that whites and blacks fight a lot in America today but we have to recall that these are both constructed, made up categories. They're put together from Irish men, Italians, Orthodox Jews and Zulus and Mandinka. They used to fight a lot more."

"The most violent countries in the world are all made up of only one race and usually one religion. When the country was massively, overwhelmingly white there was far more violence. People fought each other on the basis of religion: Catholic versus Protestants, some inherited from Europe, Irish fought Italians who fought Dutchmen who fought Greek."

Reilly went on to say he doesn't think "there will be any white people in 200 years" and stressed repeatedly he believes "that's a good thing."

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