Sheriff Rips Media: No, We Didn't "Let Three Girls Drown"

Chris Menahan
Apr. 25, 2016

Three young black teenage girls aged 15-16 with seven prior arrests among them for stealing cars stole another car late last month and drove it into a lake while running from police in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Leftists accused the police of lying about trying to help the girls and blasted them for callously standing by and "watching the girls drown."

Watch this clip from The Young Turks:

[Update: TYT took the video down, here's a mirror but it has someone else's commentary, looks like a solid rundown nonetheless.]

It turns out the police did try to help them, and the three girls, 16-year-old Dominique Battle, 15-year-old Ashaunti Butler, and 15-year-old Laniya Miller, were career criminals.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri gave a press conference yesterday to debunk the false narrative these leftists put out:

Gualtieri says they brought in a trained dive crew and attempted to save the girls, but they were unable to as they had zero visibility and the conditions were terrible.

He also said the officers who witnessed the horrible event attempted to enter the water but said they couldn't due to the poor conditions.

He released the following videos showing police did in fact take their uniforms off:

Here's a press conference with Laniya Miller's mother saying her daughter dindu nuffin. When asked how many cars her daughter stole, she responds "it doesn't matter how many cars she stole, it matters how much there she didn't do, what she didn't do, that she did not steal that car."

Quite frankly, this is a perfect example of why I no longer have any associations with these leftists.

The police brutality in this country, which I was covering over 10 years ago, has subsidized dramatically thanks almost entirely to the proliferation of cell phone cameras.

Five years ago, there was a new case of police abuse caught on film almost every single day. These days phony outrages like this have to be turned into stories of "police brutality" in order to drum up traffic, and the mass media runs with all of them in order to stir up racial strife.

Three car thieves with records at age 15 and 16 running their stolen car into a lake and drowning is not a story of police abuse.

According to the left, these cops should have dove mindlessly into this dangerous lake and got themselves killed trying to save these girls.

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