Triggered Liberal Has Mental Breakdown While Arguing With Trump Supporter

Chris Menahan
Apr. 18, 2016

A brainwashed leftist 17-year-old girl broke down and cried yesterday while arguing with a Cuban Trump supporter over illegal immigration.

Somehow, she managed to change the subject from illegal immigration to her fear of being raped while "walking to school" in the streets of New York, she started crying after the Trump supporter had the audacity to deny we're living in a "patriarchy."

Our public schools are clearly doing a fine job preparing our youth for the future.

What the Trump supporter should have pointed out is 80% of the women and girls coming up to America through Mexico are raped on their way here, as Fusion reports:
“Women and girl migrants, especially those without legal status traveling in remote areas or on trains, are at heightened risk of sexual violence at the hands of criminal gangs, people traffickers, other migrants or corrupt officials,” the 2010 Amnesty International report stated. “…Many criminal gangs appear to use sexual violence as part of the “price” demanded of migrants. According to some experts, the prevalence of rape is such that people smugglers may require women to have a contraceptive injection prior to the journey as a precaution…”
I wonder why this actual rape culture is ignored?

Don't these people care about the poor migrants?

Never mind, it doesn't prove their point, therefor it's completely ignored in place of "real events" like the entirely fake Duke lacrosse rapes.

The color of the perps (or supposed perps) decides the left's level of outrage.

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