Muslim Man Screams 'Allahu Akbar' Repeatedly On Airplane, Terrifying Passengers

The Daily Mail
Apr. 02, 2016

Passengers became terrified after a man began shouting 'Allahu Akbar' at the top of his voice on a plane.

Mobile phone footage has been uploaded online of a man in traditional Islamic dress shouting the Arabic phrase...but he's actually just praying.

Terrified passengers on an American Airlines flight watch as the Muslim man stands next to the exit door yelling in Arabic.

A man on the flight posted the video to Reddit with the caption: 'Asleep on a plane, I was woken to this guy shouting in my face.'

The video was filmed two years ago but has recently resurfaced online.

Also posting it to YouTube, the filmer wrote: 'I was asleep at the emergency exit and awoke to this. He had to cover his ears he was shouting so loud'.

'Just to be clear, I've seen plenty of people pray on flights before but never have I witnessed a call to prayer like this.'

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