Georgia: 14-Yr-Old And 21-Yr-Old Murder Delivery Driver For Pizza

Chris Menahan
Mar. 28, 2016

Two young males, one only 14-years-old, allegedly murdered a pizza deliveryman for four pizzas, "two regular" and "two dessert."

From KENS 5:
LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. - A pizza delivery man was murdered for pizza, not money. That’s what a Gwinnett County Police Detective testified to in a preliminary court hearing Friday.

Jermaine Young, 21, and Reginald Lofton, a 14-year-old who is charged as an adult, were ordered to be bound over to Superior Court for a murder trial.

The two suspects sat in Gwinnett County Magistrate Court, in stark contrast to what anyone would have expected. Young appeared visibly shaken as Detective Kenck recounted how Varnadore was shot and killed.

Lofton, a mere child, never flinched, appearing stoic and nonplussed while the detective described what led police to their arrest. It was a food order found on the ground near Shane Varnadore's body and it had a phone number on it that was traced to the apartment where the suspects lived.

[...]“Mr. Varnadore was found to have some cash in his pocket, I think $62, if I'm not mistaken,” Detective Kenck said. “At the time, it appeared that all that had been stolen was the pizza.”

This earlier report from WSB-TV has a heartbreaking interview with the victim's mother:

We reported earlier today cities across America are rolling out a new program which pays criminals $1,000 a month not to murder people. If only these poor souls could have enrolled in such a program, this entire tragedy could have been avoided.

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