VIDEO: Samantha Bee Tries to Stump Trump Supporters, Fails

Chris Menahan
Mar. 15, 2016

All the manipulative editing in the world can't make left wing propagandist Samantha Bee appear intelligent.

In this clip from her terrible show, she interviews a group of young and beautiful Trump supporters and tries her best to stump them but fails.

Despite her treating them all like ignorant children, they respond with logic and reason and own her on every point.

"The whole presidential nomination is a big reality show," one Trump supporter tells Samantha.

"That's why he's winning."

Sam responds, "So you like his media whoredom?"

"But your whoring off his media whoring," he retorts (they deceptively cut here so we don't know the actual exchange).

"I'm a whore too," she says.

"I think you're kinda a trickle down media whore because here you are [he signals downwards], just getting the remains," he responds.

"So," Sam says, "In the big bukkake of media, I'm the one at the bottom of the f**k pile?"

"I think that's an accurate assessment," he says.

Of course, the accuracy of this exchange is highly questionable, despite the transcription being accurate, they cut between almost every statement, so there's no way to know what the actual discussion was, nonetheless it was pretty hilarious.

I'd love to see the behind the scenes on this piece, almost every interaction is edited to try and make her look good and make it appear the Trump supporters are agreeing with bullsh*t she dubbed in in post. Alas, we have to settle for the few points the propagandists left in, all of which show she has no arguments and can only respond by making stupid jokes, most of which she couldn't even come up with on the spot and had to deceptively edit in during post production.

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