VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance And Give Driver The Finger

Another Protester Seen Shooting Off Mac-10 In Celebration Of Trump Rally Cancellation
Chris Menahan

Mar. 12, 2016

Anti-Trump "protesters" celebrating the cancellation of Trump's Chicago rally felt it appropriate to block an ambulance blaring its sirens in the middle of a medical emergency.

Not content with simply denying people access to medical care, one protester who appeared to be in a rapturous state of delight decided to give the driver the finger while shaking his body wildly performing some sort of dance, others around him follow suit.

[Video via @TweetBrettMac.]

Fortunately, police were close by and shoved the "protesters" away, note they used basically no force.

Elsewhere in Chi-Town, another protester named Jamaal Williams aka "@RUthIess187" tweeted out "We celebratin shutting down #TrumpRally #BlackLivesMatter", featuring a video of him shooting off a Mac-10 in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Mac-10's are entirely illegal in Chicago, as are almost all guns, but judging by Williams' Twitter account which features him posing with tons of illegal guns as well as a video of him and his friends bragging about how much they stole from a Walgreens, following the law doesn't seem to concern him.

Here's some other highlights from his Twitter:

Here's a nice one from November of last year, once again note the ever appropriate #BlackLivesMatter hashtag:

No doubt such "protesters" are sure to win the hearts of minds of America.

Update: Twitter suspended Williams' account.

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