Canada Bans American Libertarian From Entering Country

Press For Truth
Mar. 09, 2016

On the evening on March 4th 2016, Augustus Invictus a candidate for the United States Senate was scheduled to give a talk at Vancouver's Railway Club. The event was not only cancelled but Invictus was told "Your presence here will cause problems" by a Canadian Border Services Agent and he was subsequently denied entry. Augustus states that "Antifa mobbed a meeting of Libertarians yesterday. I wasn't even there because I was denied entry into Canada on the grounds that there was a credible threat of my assassination - and they still attacked a peaceful meeting that had nothing to do with me..."

Free speech is under attack in Canada. What fascist wing of government is doing this you ask? Joining us today on Press For Truth Live is our guest Augustus Invictus, the controversial politician, radical philosopher and infamous social critic who has drawn the attention of not only the Canadian government, but also "Antifa" who seeks to silence Augustus everywhere he goes.

Also joining us via skype is Richard Heathen organizer of the Railway Club event and host of Liberty Machine News.

Watch "Social Justice Warriors Piss On Your Free Speech - Lauren Southern Attacked"

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