Why Donald J. Trump May Be The Most Powerful Person In The World

Chris Menahan
Feb. 20, 2016

In the past week Trump has overcome attacks from the Pope, President Obama, Former President Bush, the entire media establishment, and a fake poll psy-op from the Wall Street Journal/NBC News which the media ran with like crazy to give the masses the false impression Trump was doomed and losing steam.

Despite near universal opposition, voters ignored the clamor and voted Trump. He won South Carolina resoundingly with a 10% lead over both Rubio and Cruz, and he forced Jeb to quit the race in shame.

Trump may currently be the most powerful person in the world, he holds more sway over the country than anyone currently living -- including Obama -- and he's on track to attain the position of highest power in the world, the Presidency of the United States. As of today, Trump officially defeated the Bush dynasty in a state where they were most beloved. When Hillary Clinton attacked him last month for being "anti-women" he destroyed her poll numbers in a single week of attacks and actually brought Bernie into contention for the nomination. Hillary meekly backed down as a result and has since managed to coast by almost entirely on the minority vote. If the two face off in the general election, a repeat is highly probable.

Trillions of dollars are on the line when it comes to who is the next president. While it's unpleasant to think about, Trump's next and greatest challenge may be dodging a bullet from one of the establishment's many "lone nuts." Fortunately, Trump's aware of the threat and as Roger Stone has noted he wears a bulletproof vest everywhere he goes. The public should be alert at all his campaign events, Trump is upending the apple cart, the establishment is not going to roll over and play nice. Cuckservative crony Rick Wilson has already called for the donor class to "put a bullet" in him, you'd better believe that's what is going through their minds right now. Of course, if such an attempt is tried and fails, Trump would likely become more popular than ever and politically near invincible.

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