Left-Wing Journalist Knife Attacked by Calais Migrants, Blames Britain For Not Letting Them In

Refugees turning to violence because of “xenophobia,” claims report
Paul Joseph Watson

Feb. 03, 2016

A left-wing journalist who was the victim of a knife attack carried out by migrants in the Calais "jungle" camp responded by blaming Britain for its "xenophobia" in not letting the "refugees" enter the UK.

Robert Edwards, a reporter for RT and an Amnesty UK support officer, visited the notorious migrant camp on the French border to "tell their story," only to be assaulted by the migrants.

"I was approached by a group of teenagers. One of them has a blade and starts cutting at my jacket," Edwards told RT.

However, rather than blame the perpetrators, Edwards slammed the ""knee-jerk" rhetoric of people on social media who said the attack illustrated how some of the migrants were "lawless scum".

Instead of acknowledging that there is obviously a problem with migrants being prone to violence and rape, as evidenced by the innumerable instances of attacks and assaults taking place in Europe every week, Edwards suggested the migrants were acting violently, "because European governments have dehumanized them" and because they have been "denied their rights".

He goes on to downplay concerns over "border security" and "welfare payments" while blaming opposition to migrants entering Britain on an "upswing of xenophobia". Another migrant interviewed by Edwards asserts that the British government should "provide jobs" for the Calais migrants.

Edwards also quotes a migrant in the camp who claims that French police are "worse than the Taliban" for their mistreatment of refugees.

Last time I checked, there haven't been any incidents involving French cops beheading children or stoning women to death in Calais.

Edwards finishes the report, which is illustrated with images of dancing refugees and emotional background music, by claiming that migrants, many of whom are fleeing from countries purely for economic reasons, have a "right" to health care, education and a family life in the west.

The knife attack is by no means the first time that leftist supporters of mass migration policies have been attacked by migrants.

Back in October, a young female 'No Borders' activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border was gang-raped by Sudanese migrants and then ordered to keep quiet about it by other activists because it would have discredited their goal for a "borderless world".

Following the mass molestation of German women in Cologne and other major cities on New Years' Eve, feminists responded by visiting Cologne's biggest refugee center and handing out roses to the migrants while apologizing for the "xenophobia" of the German people.

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