Trump: Bill Clinton 'One Of The Great Abusers Of The World'

Christopher Menahan | InformationLiberation
Dec. 30, 2015

Yesterday in South Carolina Trump took a page from Roger Stone and ripped into Bill Clinton for his history of sexual abuse, calling him "one of the great abusers of the world."

Trump also slammed Hillary, claiming "women donít like [her]," and saying she has "lower energy than Jeb Bush," to roaring laughter.

He said global warming is a "moneymaking industry" and mostly "a hoax," and he almost went full conspiracy theorist saying our leaders aren't "just stupid," but evil.

Speaking about how bad the deal was with Iran, while noting he's not a "conspiracy guy," Trump said "I'm just hoping they're just stupid people, OK? Which they are, or... there's something going on."

There is no other politician in the world who can entertain a crowd for an hour straight like Trump. Most are incapable of speaking off the cuff in any capacity, certainly this is the case for the insanely robotic Hillary Clinton.

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