I Pull Cops Over For Victimless Crimes

by Ryan Scott
Cop Block
Oct. 31, 2015

Far too frequently, we see cops pulling people over and extorting them for victimless crimes; all while breaking those same laws themselves with no consequence. In some circumstances, police are exempt from certain traffic laws due to emergency situations. However, if an officer is not responding to an emergency, shouldn't they be held to the same standard and follow the same laws as everyone else, including the consequences?

In this video, I pull over an Illinois State Trooper that pulls into a parking lot without using his turn signal. As expected, the cop ignores me and rolls up his window without explanation. I'm sure the cop that did this thought that being stopped for an arbitrary law such as a turn signal is ridiculous…I completely agree. There was no injured party, no accident was caused and therefore no crime was committed.

When the tables are turned however, and the cop is the one pulling someone over, citizens become subject to a possible violent scenario. Non-violent people going about their every day lives are pulled over, extorted for the initial "crime" that was violated, and in many cases are hit with multiple other violations such as, but not limited to, marijuana possession, registration, license validity, faulty mechanics, etc.

Why has this double standard among police become not only common, but accepted among society? If police are expected to serve and protect the community in which they work, they should be held to the same standard as the people and community they are policing. As we all know, badges don't grant extra rights. Or do they?

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