VIDEO: Teen Girl Refuses to Hand Over Cell Phone to School Cop, Cop Violently Attacks Her

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Oct. 27, 2015

Government schools are prisons, and like prisons, any defiance shown towards the "authorities" must be dealt with swiftly to keep the other prisoners in line.

In this viral video out of South Carolina, a muscled up school cop is seen violently attacking a teenage girl who was reportedly caught using her cell phone in class.

When she refused to hand it over, and instead chose to sit tight in her desk, the officer decides it's best to violently assault her and wrestle her down to the ground as though he was taking part in a UFC cage match.

From the NY Daily News:
The FBI and U.S. Justice Department will investigate a South Carolina sheriff's deputy's brutal takedown of a high school school— an assault apparently prompted by the girl's refusal to hand over her phone.

[...]The shocking assault on a Spring Valley High School student started over the girl's phone, a classmate revealed.

A teacher spied the black high school senior using her phone in math class and demanded she hand it over and get out of her chair. The teen refused to do so, even as the teacher and a school administrator kept asking, student Tony Robinson Jr., told WLTX-TV Monday night.

The tackled teen has not been identified, but her defiance launched nationwide outrage when video of the violent encounter with Richland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ben Fields, who is white, went viral.

“She really hadn’t done anything wrong," Robinson said. "She said she took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second."

Robinson, who recorded the encounter on his cell phone, said he anticipated a showdown the moment the heavyweight school resource officer walked into the classroom around 10 a.m.

His video of the now-famous assault shows Fields effortlessly flipping over a desk, and the silent girl with it, before dragging her across the room like a rag doll.

“Give me your hands,” Fields repeated after pinning the speechless student to the ground.

“I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that other students are turning away,” Robinson told the Columbia TV station. “They’re just scared for their lives. That’s supposed to be someone that’s going to protect us. Not somebody to be scared of.”

He believes Field intended to make a scene when he moved the girl’s laptop out of harm’s way and asked another student to move his desk.

“He could already tell what he was going to do,” Robinson added.

He stepped to the left of the teen, placing his left arm on hers before wrapping his right arm around her neck. In one big swoop, Fields tossed her to the ground.

A barely audible whimper can be heard in one video, as Fields drags the girl toward the front of the classroom. The sight of the girl’s assault prompted a classmate, Niya Kenny, to break down in tears and curses, the high schooler told WLTX-TV.

"I'll put you in jail next," Fields warned Kenny.

He made good on that statement. Her sobs resulted in her arrest on a charge of disrupting school. She was released from custody on a $1,000 bond, WLTX-TV reported.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening," Kenny told the TV station. "A man used that much force on a little girl — a big man — like 300 pounds of full muscle."
Since when is "disrupting school" a criminal offense? With the way things are going the government might as well bring back paddling, that archaic system looks infinitely more humane in comparison.

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