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Sep. 09, 2015

Since the Galt's Gulch fiasco, I've avoided posting content from Berwick like the plague. Hearing him sell Galt's Gulch like it was some libertarian utopia when it's in socialist-militarist Chile was off-putting initially, but I just figured at the time it was just him being a salesman. Of course, we found out later the project was a big scam, though he claimed he was just a dupe and blamed it all on this "Ken Johnson" shyster (who it appears is now taking his turn burning him back). Berwick has since moved on to pushing some "Shemitah" prophesy end-of-the-world type scam and appears to be in total self-destruct mode selling fraudulently obtained passports and the like. As readers know, I don't get involved in infighting and drama, but this is just getting ridiculous. - Chris, InfoLibA video has recently surfaced of Jeff Berwick. Mr. Berwick promotes himself to the libertarian and anarchist communities as a successful businessman, offering readers doomsday predictions, investment advice, offshore asset protection, second passports and more.

In this eye-opening video, you will see that those who have given money to Mr. Berwick are apparently now finding themselves entangled in what appears to be a fraudulent passport scam which Mr. Berwick has been operating since 2013.

Mr. Berwick is the creator of The Dollar Vigilante blog/newsletter and Anarchast podccasts, where he invites unsuspecting guests for interviews where Mr. Berwick uses the opportunity to promote his passport scams. It appears that Mr. Berwick has used the money that he has taken from passport victims for personal investments and also to fund his Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, which was held this past February, about the time this video was recorded of Mr. Berwick.

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