Because Logic Is Hard: Under-30s Want To Legalize Weed But Outlaw Tobacco

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 13, 2015

Young people want to end pot prohibition and expand it to tobacco prohibition, because logical consistency evidently takes a back seat to political schizophrenia.

From the UK Independent:
Cannabis should be legal and tobacco should be made illegal, according to a new survey for young people.

Student Money Saver (SMS) polled 1,000 people under the age of 30 to get their views on alcohol and drug use and found high numbers of people were saying substances currently against the law should be made legal.

Over half said they know someone with an alcohol addiction problem and a further 250 people said alcohol should be make illegal.

The main point drawn from the results was that over half of young people thought that cannabis should be legal.
The study found "50.9% think that tobacco should be illegal," additionally 25% said alcohol should be outlawed. Only 25% said the "world would be safer if drugs were legal," while around 50% said they "strongly disagree" or "disagree" and another 25% were neutral.

Fortunately, not everyone is so naive.

"Making [drugs] illegal doesn't stop people using them and increases harm," one Anonymous 18-19 year old survey respondent said.

"Making drugs legal would stop illegal drug trafficking. Plus the fact that alcohol and tobacco are legal is just hypocritical. They are bad if not worse," said another.

Nonetheless, only 7.1% said all drugs should be legal. 12.1% meanwhile said "no drugs should be legal," whatever the hell that means.

On the prohibitionist front, an Anonymous 20-21 year old said, "They all most likely cause serious health problems which cost us millions to fix every year (alcohol poisoning, liver disease...)"

Another Anonymous 20-21 year old penned this schizophrenic screed:
"I am very anti-drug, though I'd be lying if sometimes I wasn't intrigued by drugs. I don't even agree with cannabis. As someone who knows people who take many drugs, I have only seen their negative effects, and the deterioration of those who take them. I have nothing against those that wish to take them, though I do believe they should worry about their health more, it is not my decision, however, what they choose to do with their body. I believe that no other drugs should be legalized, though this will probably not be the case, and eventually, other drugs will be legalized. This I find to be negative, because those with little self control will proceed to expand their horizons when it comes to drugs. The only positive is that drug dealers will become a thing of the past with specific drugs, however, I am still opposed. The majority of drugs are of course, illegal, and I believe they should remain that way, lest drugs become legal it will be very difficult to make them illegal again if they DID have a negative effect on the community."
I'm against drugs, though I think about taking them because they "intrigue" me, but they only have negative effects, nonetheless I dream of taking them. I have nothing against people who use them, it's not my decision, but I still want to prohibit them from using them through the law. If we legalized drugs, drug dealers will become a thing of the past, but only for some "specific drugs" for which I can't name, nonetheless I'm still against it, because if they're made legal then it'll be harder to make them illegal again.

This is the logical consistency government edjumacation produces.

It should be noted this "study" was taken from Student Money Saver's Facebook followers, so if anything it's more of an informal survey than a "study," nonetheless it's getting wide coverage and the issue here is the extremely common gross failure of logic.
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