Police Detective Arrested In Scheme To Steal Cocaine From Evidence

Chicago Tribune
Apr. 17, 2015

eteran Melrose Park police detective Gregory Salvi met with the felon at a suburban Dunkin' Donuts to discuss a scheme to steal a load of narcotics from a state police lab by swapping it with fake drugs, federal authorities say.

"Won't it get (expletive) thrown out of court then?" the drug dealer asked Salvi during the January meeting, according to charges unsealed Friday.

"No," Salvi allegedly replied. "Once state tested it at the lab, it's done. So that's why as long as I have 2 (fake kilos) to put back in, anything that looks white like that, they're never gonna check it again."

What Salvi didn't realize was that the drug dealer was a paid undercover informant for the FBI and that the entire conversation had been recorded as agents watched from the parking lot.

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