NV Cops In Black Ski-Masks Swarm Uber Driver For 'Transporting People Without A License'

Chris | InformationLiberation
Oct. 27, 2014

Hours after Uber launched their hugely popular and beloved ride-sharing service in Nevada, black ski-masked police responded by hunting down new Uber drivers and impounding their vehicles.

Government regulators accused the Uber drivers of "transporting people without a license," though Uber says they don't need a license as they're not operating a transportation company but merely facilitating ride sharing.

Of course, it shouldn't matter what they're technically offering, people want their services and are willing to pay for them.

It's the taxi-state racketeers who are against them providing a superior service as it would cause them to actually compete in the market rather than continue their protectionist extortion racket.

[Note: Picture for illustrative purposes only, there's no pictures yet showing the costumes of this specific goon-squad.]

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