Cop Claims Man Choked Him, Video Shows Cop Choked Man

After Evidence Comes To Light, Cops Loot Taxpayers For $1.1 Million To Pay Off Police Abuse Victim
Chris | InformationLiberation

Apr. 01, 2014

Imagine if you could commit any crime you want, then, on the off chance you're caught, you could pay off your victims with other peoples' money and absolve yourself of any personal responsibility.

That's the situation police in the United States find themselves in.

As one would expect under such an arrangement, cops act with total impunity.

In this case out of Dallas, Texas police brazenly charged a man for crimes he did not commit, imprisoned him for 15-months on false charges, then looted taxpayers to the tune of $1.1 million to pay off their victim once video was released showing their claims were a fabrication and they engaged in a criminal conspiracy to persecute an innocent man.

From WFAA:
In his report, Officer Antkowiak stated that Jones "...took his right hand and grabbed the officer by his throat, choking him and lifting him off the ground."

But take a closer look at the dash camera video; it's Antkowiak who is on top of Jones, choking him.

In his official report, Officer Antkowiak also claimed that Jones "kicked him in the testicles and groin area, while still choking him."

But that never happens on video.

Jones' attorney says on the second dash camera video, the officer is asked to turn off the camera. Then the officers said they found a crack pipe and claimed Jones was intoxicated.

Jones was arrested for aggravated assault of a police officer and spent 15 months in jail until his attorney started requesting the dash camera videos as evidence.
Watch the videos courtesy of WFAA:

Despite having these videos, police absolved themselves during their initial joke of an "internal investigation."

The police chief says he chose to settle the pursuant lawsuit rather than risk trial because "focus groups" told them they would lose.

I guess engaging in a criminal conspiracy to deny a man his rights doesn't test well with people.
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