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Article posted Dec 25 2013, 9:21 AM Category: Economy Source: YouTube Print

Schiff: Unbelievable Liberal Reaction To My Walmart Video

The reaction from the left to my recent Walmart video does more to expose liberal intolerance and hypocrisy than my video itself. It's actually so bad that no explanation can come close to doing it justice. In this video I claim that I never received hate mail before. I should have said that I never received true hate mail. I have received emails over the years from people who disagree with me, often expressing their opinions in non cordial ways. But I never received anything like what I am getting now! Go to my Facebook page and read the horrible comments for yourself.

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Posted: Dec 26 2013, 12:53 AM

97127 Schiff is proposing a false dichotomy-either we keep wages low and get low prices or give people decent wages and have higher prices. He's misleading shoppers into thinking they'll have to deal with massive price increases if they want workers to earn higher wages.

Australia has a $16 an hour minimum wage, and Big Macs only cost about 70 cents more there. These corporation know that if they raise prices too much they'll lose consumers. They scream and cry any time anyone suggests raising the minimum wage, but when push comes to shove they buckle under if they're forced too, which they should be.

Workers at Australian McDonald's make about $18 an hour and no one is fleeing the country in search of cheaper Happy Meals. Seeing as how we're a richer country than Australia, there's no reason we can't do the same. I'm not sure why Schiff rants against the greed of the banking industry and then goes out of his way to shill for that same greed when it's embodied in Wal-Mart.

Plus, he's just not funny in this video and comes off as just kind of annoying. I would rather watch Michael Moore any day.

Posted: Dec 26 2013, 2:43 AM

6849 Yea I am sick of the whole media "Liberal" attitude as well as the so called "Right" as well, for that matter whining that they can not be the hypocritical do no wrong jerks,they were for years. Or was that the "Left", what dip chit president are we on now it's kind of blurry.
The Wal's and Wal-Mart have be raking in the profits for years by underpaying
their employee's as well as being the number one single importer from China, de-valuating American worker and contributing massively to the trade deficit.
Schiff come's off as another self righteous jerk with some up their butt agenda that you find en masse on ether the "Left" or the "Right".
Face it this country needs some thing not leaning towards Communism or Fascism or the dribble the media puts out every day.
P.S Moore is a hypocritical tool too.

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