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Article posted Oct 24 2013, 1:07 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

A "Fearful" Police Mindset Leads to a Dead Child

by William Norman Grigg

“The deputy’s mindset was that he was fearful that he was going to be shot,” said Lt. Paul Henry of the Santa Rosa Police Department by way of explaining how 13-year-old Andy Lopez, who was “armed” with a BB gun, was gunned on October 22.

Lopez was on his way to visit a classmate named Luis Diaz when he was spotted by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies on routine patrol. He was carrying an airsoft “rifle” — a plastic toy that fires plastic BBs — that superficially resembles an AK-47 rifle, but can easily be identified as a toy by casual observers. Diaz told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat that the last time he saw Lopez use the gun “it fell and the whole front of it broke in half so you could see the wires coming out…. You could tell it’s fake, easily.”

During a press conference held in the wake of the fatal shooting, police displayed the airsoft toy next to an actual AK-47, apparently for the purpose of demonstrating how similar the replica is to the real article. However, “in the light of the Finley Center the model Lopez carried was clearly plastic with a transparent center section. The BB gun also had a shorter barrel.” The fatal encounter between Lopez and the deputies took place at 3:15 in the afternoon, which means that such critical details were not obscured by twilight, and should have been recognized by people who are supposedly trained observers.

After spotting Lopez walking on the sidewalk, the deputies called for backup and pulled up behind him. They drew their guns, took cover behind the vehicle’s open doors, and ordered Lopez to “drop the gun.” The youngster, who was about 20 to 30 feet away from the officers, turned around to face the deputies — and was immediately shot. The entire encounter — from the time the deputies called for backup, to the fatal shooting — was just a few seconds.

According to Lt. Henry, the deputy who opened fire was a “law enforcement veteran” who “has quite a bit of experience with this kind of weapon,” meaning, presumably, an actual AK-47, rather than an obvious toy replica. “He’s aware of the damage these kinds of weapons can do” and that they can fire rounds able to “penetrate body armor, can penetrate the metal of his vehicle, and also the sides of houses and buildings in the area.”

Although that statement was offered by way of extenuation, it underscores the preoccupation with “officer safety” that leads to unnecessary police shootings. A peace officer is paid to assume certain risks, including those necessary to de-escalate a confrontation with someone believed to be a heavily armed suspect in a residential neighborhood. A “veteran” deputy with the mindset of a peace officer would have taken more than a shaved fraction of a split-second to open fire on a small male individual readily identifiable as a junior high school student, who was carrying an object that is easily recognizable as a toy — at least to people who don’t see themselves as an army of occupation, and view the public as an undifferentiated mass of menace.

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John C. Carleton

Posted: Oct 24 2013, 1:17 PM

9933 Murder by idiots.

Posted: Oct 24 2013, 3:09 PM

68107 real men are not afaid of their own shadow nor enjoy taking anothers life,

Posted: Oct 24 2013, 4:59 PM

63225 They are killing our children!

It's not a badge, it's a bulls-eye! This includes park rangers that locked us out of our parks and monuments.


Posted: Oct 24 2013, 6:33 PM

98198 An important element (besides police slaughtering adults, kids and dogs alike) is that secretive Israeli Mossad agents are training police officers these days to treat their fellow Americans as the "enemy."

Posted: Oct 24 2013, 8:34 PM

75164 Chicken shit mother fuckers, cannot and still will not learn their own jobs enough to be do and know what it is to fucking do their godamn jobs with any shred of intelligence. It's just shoot and ask questions after the fact, like lawyer dude can you get me out of this, yes sir I can but only if you act like a complete retard can I help you. Ok no problem I can do that standing on my head, man I sure am glad I get to go home tonight unlike that poor shrub who dosen't. I mean jeez that replica could have almost killed me or put out my eye.

Posted: Oct 24 2013, 11:57 PM

98246 Police admit when they first speak with child they spoke to child 30 feet away and that the child did not see them because the child's back was at them.

Stands to reason that anyone that was being yelled at by a dude 30 feet away would turn to LOOK to see who was yelling at him, therefore the child only did what ANYONE ELSE IN THE SAME SITUATION WOULD DO!

If someone is behind you thirty feet and yelling at you are you going to instantly know who they are or what their even saying? thirty feet behind you?

Do you realize how many people get sneaked up on by police from behind and then the cop yells at the person, only to shoot the person the moment the person turns to see who is talking?

They kill people this way in Seattle Washington, if you carry a pocket knife in your hand and the blade is not out and you are not menacing anyone and just walking down a sidewalk a cop will sneak up behind you while they have their gun in their hand and they will say "Hey you!" and as the person turns to see who's talking to him/her the cop opens fire!

Police pretend after the fact it is self defense because the man suddenly turned in an aggressive manner and that the officer felt threatened and always the officer's get a pass and never stand trial!

Excuse me but cops know damn well and so do everyone else and if a dude is behind you yelling something at you then you naturally are going to turn to look to see who is making all the fuss/yelling, and THAT'S the moment cops open fire on people and they commonly do this all over the USA!

Every time this happens police and news reporters NEVER mention the law or criminal courts for that matter, and they cover up and white wash the story away by talking about reviewing police policy's to distract the public from the fact that the cop is NOT GOING TO STAND TRIAL FOR A DAMN THING!

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 12:55 AM

98246 “The deputy’s mindset was that he was fearful that he was going to be shot,”

WOW the police allow the cops to actually defend themselves publicly and to even explain their mindsets and everything,,,,,WOW the police are so BIASED on covering cops butts!

GEE are citizens allowed to explain themselves when they are wrongly charged by police? are citizens allowed to explain their mindset as to why cops wrongly charge them and are they allowed to do so by news media/press like the police obviously do?

Since when did we the tax payers pay the police to DEFEND cops that shoot children and since when did news reporters/press allow police to speak on behalf on themselves publicly to try and clear their names/reputations when accused citizens that are charged by police for whatever ARE NEVER AFFORDED SUCH A OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEND THEIR NAMES/REPUTATIONS PUBLICLY?!?!


Posted: Oct 25 2013, 1:05 AM

98246 If a citizen shoots a kid then police immediately arrest the accused and the accused face is put all over TV and on the internet destroying the citizens name/reputation well before there is a trial and news reporters even show the face of the murdered child to gain sympathy for the victim and for the victims family!

When a COP shoots and kills a child police come immediately to the shooters DEFENSE and do not arrest officer and instead order press releases to defend the officer's actions and police spokesman will show public demonstrations using toy guns compared to real guns as a way of distracting the public from the reality that an officer shot and killed an unarmed child,,,,,,,,,,,,,and news reporters being the brown nosers they are cater to this and give air time and webpages on news sites to help police cover a cops butt from prosecution, and of course when this happens news reporters choose NOT to show a photo of the child so that people will NOT SO MUCH feel sympathy for the child and the family!

What a f@@king Fascist stinking country we li9ve in,,,,,,and they don't even try hard to hind the Fascism either!

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 9:59 AM

17319 I don't think cops are the smartest guys around, but they are smart enough to know that a dead man tells no tales. And the bad ones live by that motto.

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 10:03 AM

17319 allow me to add to my previous comment...unless the officer is a complete psychopath, he or she has to live with the fact that they murdered a young kid carrying a toy gun. that is a sentence in and of itself. maybe he or she has kids of that age. it's no comfort to the family that lost the kid, but in the end you hope those who wear a badge are human beings.

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 4:46 PM

98246 all cops are psychopath's which is why entire poli8ce departments try to cover cops butts from prosecution even when cops shoot unarmed kids!

Police are not hiding the fact that police AS A WHOLE DEPARTMENT cover cops butts and make bullcrap excuses for officer's and they do so publicly!

I will not assume there are any good cops since ALL COPS look the other way when cops kill children!

you kill a child then STAND TRIAL just like anyone else would and quit expecting sympathy for f@@king cops that should know better!

I will say it one more time to emphasize the fact that police departments go out of their way to cover fellow officer's butts!

If a citizen shoots a child he/she is labeled a child killer and their face is plastered all over TV and newspapers and news stations show the murdered child's face on TV to gain support for the child family and to further destroy the shooters reputation before a trial takes place and OH yes there will be a trial!

When a cop shoots a child we get the exact opposite from police and fram news reporters, picture of shooter is never shown to the public, picture of murdered child is never shown to public to gain sympathy for the family, and police get TONS of airtime on news stations and on news websites to DEFEND the shooting officer and police departments are using such airtime as a makeshift trial as a way of making the officer APPEAR justified when in fact police are trying to avoid having any REAL TRIAL!

That says all you need to know about police and police departments and the brown nosing news reporters that cater to police!

I know damn well cops themselves are posting on these webpages and yes I am getting your hints very well, so should I presume I am going to be shot soon by a cowardly cop that sneaks up behind me with a gun at my back?
Should I presume such cop will say "Hey you!" and as I turn to look at who's talking to me I get gunned down?
Should I now be expecting this to happen since cops are anonymously hinting at this after I post my opinion?

Truth hurts don't it cops that your Fascist tactics are so blatant and that people such as myself are willing to put in writing how you cover cops butts from prosecution by using your influence with news reporters!

OK people if I get killed soon you will know it was by poli8ce or police supporters and that they are hinting at it on these webpages, I live in Portland Oregon so check local news websites there to see if these Fascist cops back up their threats or not, I will be waiting!

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 4:56 PM

98246 I did not want to distract from this news story with my own problems and I know how websites such as this frown upon people that stray off the topic of the news story and want people to just post on the story's presented.

But I am under the impression that a cop has anonymously hinted at a death threat aimed at me on this webpage therefore I am going to post a link to evidence that I am a victim of a murder conspiracy started by my wife when she started an affair with a cop.

In Portland Oregon the police are womanizers and they like having affairs with other people's wives and they give those women permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance money's and the police and hospitals cover up the poisonings by denying the victim emergency services and refuse to take toxicology tests when requested by victims!

Police and hospitals cover up victims 911 calls and calls for help and threaten victim with arrest if victim even goes to a hospital.

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 5:24 PM

@trm, you know, the state gets what it pays for; is predictable. the state employs the blind, so, expecting something more from them, would be a waste of time, in my view. police are out-of-touch with reality, even the ones at ground level.

this past week, i was offered the opportunity to talk with a broadcasting engineer. he kept asking me, what I'd like to see from the media. my response: "nothing." he did comprehend my answer, but, he refused to accept it.

as for this article, redirect to my opening line: "the state gets what it pays for"... in other words: cash has no real value, so, to expect something more from police would be insane.

Posted: Oct 25 2013, 7:21 PM

10842 @nonymous 98246, unplug, refresh, then, think "finite."
Had you never read this commentary thread, there would have never been a threat, right?

Don't let the spooks get to you. You have the advantage anyhow.


Posted: Oct 26 2013, 4:57 PM

20458 I'd like to see if there was actual film footage of this encounter/slaying. I cannot imagine this kid even knew what was going on when he was gunned down. I wasnt there so am not sure exactly what happened but it just seems this is another situation where a true PEACE officer would have been able to sort this situation out without an arrest, without a senseless loss of a young mans life over a toy piece of plastic. I rememebr the local Police Chief in my home town growing up. He rarely arrested people, could solve problems before they occured, had a sense of humor, and actually had the audacity to stop and talk to the people in town. He got to know everyone and this way he was never in fear for his life ever because he could defuse a problem so quick just by telling people to "Knock it off and go home!" I miss those days, they are gone, and now I tell my children calling the police is not the best solution to any problem. It just makes thins worse and when they get involved they are desperate to make an arrest and get someone in the system they can bleed dry for cash stapped municipalities. TIme shave changed so much, and it really sucks.

Posted: Dec 18 2013, 2:31 PM

50131 From the picture you can obviously see that the guns do not look alike. Enough is enough!!!! The violence and murder of innocent citizens needs to end. I would guess that at least 80% of the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff's, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and the Chief need to be immediately fired!!! I can only hope that the FBI will continue its investigation and do what it has started in LA. POLICE ARE HIRED TO PROTECT AND SERVE - NOT TO MAIM AND MURDER!!!!!!
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