Deputies Raid Home For 'Smelling Like Meth Lab,' Kill 80-Year-Old Homeowner, Find No Meth, Say Son's Pot Evidence Of 'Drug Operation' Nonetheless

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Oct. 14, 2013

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy smelled what he thought was the scent of a meth lab coming from 80-year-old Eugene Mallory's home in Littlerock. The deputy's subjective olfactory sensations were apparently enough "probable cause" for a judge to sign off on a warrant to raid the elderly man's home. When deputies raided his house, they claim he pulled a gun on them, so they shot and killed him immediately.

Sherrif's department spokesman Steve Whitmore told KTLA the officers shot him in self-defense.

“Age does not preclude somebody from being aggressive toward deputies,” Whitmore said, acknowledging they shot an elderly person.

“The lesson here, and obviously, forgive me for stating the obvious, is that; don’t pull a gun on a deputy.”

In other words, we can pull guns on you and invade your home because we smell something fishy, but if you pull a gun on us as we invade your home armed to the teeth we can kill you without batting an eyelid.

After murdering the man for attempting to defend himself, the police searched his home and found no evidence of any meth operation, but they did find some marijuana in another part of his property inhabited by his wife's son.

When confronted on the lack of any meth operation, Whitmore acknowledged none was found, but responded, "No, but I believe marijuana was [found], and marijuana equipment was [found], and so there was a 'drug operation' that certainly was going on within this house."

And yes, he emphasizes "drug operation" as though it's in quotes, consciously acknowledging he's is a bald faced liar.

Watch the video from KTLA News:

Update: Mallory's widow's lawyers have released a statement saying he stopped driving recently because he couldn't grip a steering wheel and he no longer had the dexterity to shave himself. They said the trajectory of the bullets suggest he was sitting up in his bed when he was shot.
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