Cop Allegedly Robbed People At Gunpoint While In Uniform, Threatened False Drug Charges If Cops Called

Chris | InformationLiberation
Mar. 06, 2013

Texas police officer Ricky Ridley of the North Forest ISD police allegedly used his gun and badge to boldly rob multiple people at gunpoint.

In the first instance, working with his friend Lionel Dixon, the two allegedly placed a listing on craigslist selling "barbershop equipment."

When some prospective buyers responded Ridley allegedly robbed the group of people at gunpoint, looting them of $10,000.

After the story was reported, another alleged victim came forward and said Ridley knocked on the front door of his home, claimed he was doing a "police investigation," then robbed him at gunpoint of $2,500, again while in uniform. He then allegedly threatened to falsely charge the man with drug possession if he called the cops.

The North Forest ISD police want us to know the alleged robber in uniform was "out on workers comp" when he organized these robberies, additionally the uniform he used may have been one of a different precinct for which he had previously "served."

I'm not sure if that makes things better or worse.

Watch the video report from KHOU:

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